Anna Nguyen Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Anna Nguyen

I was raised to value being healthy and active. I studied ballet in my youth and was then introduced to yoga and meditation as a pre-teen. Yoga and meditation became a life long passion and pursuit and I have travelled and studied these disciplines extensively and am always eager to share my learnings with others. Martial arts was something I was always interested in, but did not have access to until I attended college at Tufts University. This is when I started training in Tae Kwon Do, and then Muay Thai when I met my husband Ninja. Under his guidance I have grown to love martial arts and the amazing insights training can bring to enhance life and a love of learning. My style of instruction brings a blend of yoga and martial arts that provides a path to self-growth and discovery, as well as a great overall workout! It is my goal to share with others so they can succeed in life and love their bodies and their beings. We are all born beautiful just the way we are and through training we are able to re-discover and accept our greatness.

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