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  •  in Medford - Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts Center - Back to School Party!

    Back to School Party!

    Back 2 School Party!!! Hey there, its Ninja from Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts Center, with a really COOL event to tell you about! We've partnered with local businesses and we are having a Super-Fun Back 2 School Kickoff Party! Come join us on Saturday, September 15th, and meet some awesome people, make new friends, and have some fun before school starts. Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts will be offering super fun interactive classes in the afternoon, along with lots of fun games and activities for kids of ALL ages. Check out the schedule below... Back 2 School Kickoff Party 12:00PM-4:00PM 12:00PM - Parent and Me Super Hero Class (ages ....

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  •  in Medford - Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts Center - Zinka’s Fight Part 1: The Backstage Experience

    Zinka’s Fight Part 1: The Backstage Experience

    It is an amazing and beautiful experience to watch a fighter train hard and then be supported through a fight. I got the chance to document the care, emotion and tradition that cumulates on fight day, and now I can share what I witnessed with you all. I cannot be sure how other people were feeling, but I can describe how they behaved, and I can for sure how I felt. This blog post is a little long, but I want to do it justice. Walking into the stadium, everything was clean and organized, yet you could feel a buzz in the air — a mix of tension and excitement. It felt like there was this sense of “collective controlled stress”, where everyone knew what they were ....

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  •  in Medford - Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts Center -  Stretching: 7 Reasons Why it is Awesome

    Stretching: 7 Reasons Why it is Awesome

    Stretching can be under appreciated. At least I did not care for it myself until I started researching this article! Personally I used to find stretching boring, uncomfortable, and a chore that just made me think “ugh” when starting to do it. If this sounds familiar, read on to learn some facts that might make stretching more motivating, and if you already enjoy stretching, you might learn a benefit that you did not know about! As always, you can find resources to learn more about stretching and its benefits at the bottom of this article. Reason 1: Stretching is good for everyone!
    Of all ages and abilities! It’s good for kids, who can ....

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  •  in Medford - Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts Center - Will Karate Make Girls “Bossy"?

    Will Karate Make Girls “Bossy"?

    Some parents may worry
    that if their girl get’s good at karate, she will become “bossy”. They may fear that in a higher ranked position, the authority will get to girls head and they may start to enjoy giving people orders and become arrogant, domineering and not liked. This seems to be a common concern. Personally, I have heard many adults (my parents included) make disapproving comments about girls with power being bossy, or predicting a girl will become bossy if she get’s any better at her sport/j ob/activity. While it is true there are a few girls who could improve their treatment of others, that can be said of anyone, ....

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  •  in Medford - Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts Center - Free Community Women's Self-Defense Seminar

    Free Community Women's Self-Defense Seminar

    Lets not live in FEAR instead let's be PREPARED! Free Community Women's Self-Defense Seminar to help keep our community safe. At Xtreme Ninja we are always taking action to help keep our community safe!! We will be teaching a one and half hour Krav Maga Self-Defense course on Saturday, May 5th from 10-11:30 AM for teen and adult females. This is a free Community Self-Defense Awareness for Xtreme Ninja members, family, friends, co-workers, and free to our Medford community. Ladies, it can be a scary world out there, but that doesn’t mean we want you to walk around paranoid or in a plastic bubble. It’s true that 1 in 6 women will be attempted raped in their lifetime, so ....

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  • How to clean your hand wraps

    Here are two quick tips on how to clean your hand wraps! 1. Have you ever thrown your wraps in with your laundry and then spent an hour untangling them? To avoid this place them in a lingerie bag and then throw them in with the rest of the laundry load. Also, we recommend pulling them out after washing and air drying them. This will make them lye flat and not curl up and make it easier to roll them back up. 2. Don't have time to wash in between workouts? Simply spray them with Anti3 Disinfecting Deodorizer Spray and let air dry. This will kill all the germs and they will smell great! Click here to purchase now ....

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  • For People That Want To Try Muay Thai But Can’t Get Started (Especially the Mom's)

    Hi everyone, old friends and new faces! Some of you may recognize me as a friendly face from the dojo, others may have just heard of me as that crazy girl obsessed with martial arts! For those of you I haven't met yet, my name is Zinka Krivdic; some quick fun facts about me are that I am 27 years old, I have a 5 year old daughter named Ava who is kind of my mini me, cheerleader and whole world. I began my martial arts journey at Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts center back on June 9th of 2017 and ever since then, I have discovered an immense passion for health, fitness and people that drives me to do what I do currently and push myself every single day to challenge the physical and ....

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  • Creamy Chocolate Pudding

    Creamy Chocolate Pudding As you work towards your fitness goals, finding desserts that are low in natural sugars will facilitate your results. It will take some time for your taste buds to adjust from enjoying intense, refined sugars to appreciating the subtly and delight of natural, wholesome sugar found in fruit. This pudding is a spectacular way to enjoy creamy chocolate while avoiding refined sugars entirely. The avocado, banana and dates provide real, usable nutrients and vitamins while pleasing your sweet tooth. Courtesy of Servings: 4
    Here’s what you need

    1 avocado, pitted and peeled
    1banana, peeled
    ½ cup coconut milk
    ¼ cup ....

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