4 Reasons to Love Sparring in 2019

4 Reasons to Love Sparring in 2019

It’s a new year, and what better time than to talk about one of the most important practices at the dojo: sparring! While there are books worth of information about sparing in martial arts, here are 4 reasons to give it a try this year. Or if you already are kicking it, here are 4 reasons to love it even more in 2019.


1: Sparring is Safer Than You Might Think!

There is always going to be a little risk with any physical activity, such as riding a bike or playing in a playground, and sparing is no exception. However thanks to the protective gear and instructor supervision, it is very difficult to get significantly hurt on the mats. In sparring class, students are taught to start light and at a slower pace. As you or your child progresses, they may occasionally get a bonk that stings for 3 or 4 seconds, but you can think of it as being told you are trying how! 



2: Hear What Parents have to Say!


Across the board, parents agree that sparring practice helps improve their children’s confidence. 


“I did not think karate would change them, but it did. She is a lot more confidant now, even outside of the dojo” — Eliane Nonni


“I really see her as more confidant [both inside and outside of the dojo]” — Stefania Santiago


Sparing teaches respect. Practitioners are taught to control their hits, control any aggression and learn from their appoints instead of focusing only on beating them. There are so many benefits, some parents respond with: 


“I say it has been the best thing we have done for our family” -Matthew Kennedy



3: Sparing Helps Increase Motivation 



With any martial art, you could practice a kick in the air a 100 times, however you may never know if you are truly doing it correctly if you don’t apply it in a match. In sparring, you learn very quickly if you can do a technique or not. Sparring is one of the best ways to learn where you are at both physically and mentally. And thus, it can be easy to know what you need to work on most. For example, if you are struggling with freezing up during a match, you may be extra motivated to try mediation to improve that. The sense of accomplishment with finally nailing a kick combo is a powerful motivator as well. 


4: Sparring can be Really Fun! 


Sparring can be like a video game, where each person tries to score a point by landing a hit. For kids who like action video games, it can be thrilling to act like their heroes. I would say sparing can be like flying. I do not know another experience that uses every part of your body at the same time. Personally I love the rush of adrenaline I get whenever I spar. The excitement pushes me to work harder than I ever have for those 1-3 minutes, and the feeling afterwards is amazing. 



Happy kicking! 

Happy New Year

-The Xtreme Ninja Family




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